Canada can grow indoors using LED Lights, Tents and Nutrients

The Problem with Cold

As we all know you cannot just grow anything you want just anywhere, or even when we would like to. Certain delicious foods packed with healthy nutrients only grow during a certain time of year and need a varying degree of water, nutrients, light, and temperature to grow. Fortunately for you, we are here to help you. This article will cover the basics.

The Solution to the outdoor problem

With the proper grow tents, and grow lights growing indoors will be possible in Canada! You will need to prepare your soil beds, your pots, and have a plan on how and when you will care for each plant, as each has a varying degree of care necessary to reap the most rewards for your effort. Make sure to research each plant you plan to grow, or all your efforts will be a waste. Tomatoes, for example, do best with plenty of light, and space to grow, whereas arugula does well in partial shade.

The Setup, planning is key

Now knowledgeable about each plant you intend to grow, you can now begin setting up your indoor garden! First, you will need to follow instructions carefully in setting up your grow tent. Then you will set up your soil bed, pots, and lighting. If you intend to water your garden automatically, you will need to set up your sprayers as well. Make sure each plant is getting adequate water. Too much or too little will harm your garden.

The Grow Tent a defensible fortress for your Garden

The grow tent is a tent, reflective on the inside to give you maximum efficiency for your lighting. You can control this environment if your room is not ideal for your garden. To keep the flow of air there is a blower installed with a filter. The blower helps control the temperature and keeps fresh co2 air moving through your garden. The benefits of a grow tent go beyond just managing air, heat, and moisture. Pests, being a significant problem in gardening is much easier to control.

The Proper Nutrients for your Nutrition

Another essential factor to key in will be the right nutrients to give your plants. The six essential nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium. The three most substantial needs being nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fortunately, most of the nutrients are readily available. Sometimes nitrogen is locked away in an unusable state. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria break down nitrogen into nitrate for plants to use.

In summary, the little parts that make a big difference

Being stuck in a cold environment should not mean being stuck without beautiful garden varieties. With careful planning, the power of information, and a few tools you can overcome nature. There are some companies in Canada that have great information on there website that can help you choose the right setup for you.  One of those site is Canada Grows Indoors check out their site for great expert advice on growing indoors. You will jump for joy at the bounties your garden produces. All you need is a suitable environment that indoor growing with grow tents provide, proper nutrients for your plans before they can provide you with nutrition, and an outline of when and how much sunlight and water to give your plants. It’s essential to research each plant because sure there are things you need to do such as pruning to ensure the best harvest possible.

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