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Quality soils and amendments.
Specially formulated by Navlet’s.

Have you ever wondered why some neighborhood gardens look so perfect? The plants are all so lush, healthy and beautiful, so full of blossoms or loaded with fruit. Why is it that your neighbor’s vegetable or rose garden outperforms yours?

Navlet’s Garden Centers have been leaders in northern California gardening for over a century. With all this experience, we have learned healthy plants and beautiful gardens start with rich, healthy soils. We are proud to offer you the following soil mixes formulated specifically for the Bay Area.

Navlet's N.S.C.P.  

N.S.C.P. — Navlet’s Soil Conditioner Plus

Our Natural and Organic Soil Conditioner – pH 6.5.

This long lasting, completely organic, premium soil conditioner is superior for loosening hard, compacted and heavy clay soils. We recommend using N.S.C.P. when you plant roses, trees or shrubs. We also suggest N.S.C.P. to prepare your soil for a new lawn and for any garden suffering from sandy or clay soils.

Sizes: 3 cubic foot compressed bale and 1 ½ cubic foot bag.

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Navlet's Planting Mix  

Navlet’s Planting Mix

Our Natural and Organic All Purpose Garden Blend – pH 6.5.

Our completely organic, all purpose blend contributes to vigorous plant growth and helps improve soil drainage. We recommend amending your soil with Navlet’s Planting Mix if your soil has been amended previously and is in good shape. It’s also recommended when transplanting into the ground from containers.

Size: 2 cubic foot bag.

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Navlet’s Potting Soil  

Navlet’s Potting Soil

Our Natural and Organic Soil – pH 6.5.

You just can’t get a better all purpose potting soil anywhere today. This professionally blended soil should be used whenever you are planting in containers, window boxes or raised beds. It can also be used to improve soil nutrients and physical properties when adding to existing soil. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor plantings.

Sizes: 1 and 2 cubic foot bags.

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Navlet’s Decorative Barks  

Navlet’s Decorative Barks

Create a beautiful ground cover that prevents erosion, suppresses weed growth, conserves moisture and protects roots from hot and cold temperatures. Available in mini, small and medium fir nuggets, shredded redwood and a very distinctive mini black bark.

Size: 2 cubic foot bags.

Navlet’s Shredded Redwood Bark
Redwood Bark
Navlet’s Small Bark
Small Bark
Navlet’s Medium Bark
Medium Bark
Navlet’s Mini Mulch
Navlet’s Black Mulch
Black Mulch

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